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ATV TEK Electronics Mount Gps/phone Utv/atv on Sale!!!
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ATV TEK Electronics Mount Gps/phone Utv/atv

Price: $41.33

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Specific Application - No
Style - Handlebar Mounted/open-face
Type - Mounting Kit
Country of Origin - No
Model Number - FHHM1

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Price: $41.33

Compare at: $46.95 | SAVE 12%

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Product description for ATV TEK Electronics Mount Gps/phone Utv/atv


  • Keeps GPS and other handheld devices secure
  • Fully-adjustable cradle rotates 360° with 180° of tilt to ensure GPS unit is oriented perfectly
  • Movable rubber straps allow you to secure device in the best location
  • UTV dash mount, handlebar mount and ATV bar/rack mount included

Also referred to as: 44020105  

ATV TEK information

Innovative Product Solutions (ATV TEK) is dedicated to providing consumers products that live up to their name.  The products we develop are almost always a result of us becoming frustrated with a consumer product not meeting our expectations.  We see these shortcomings as an opportunity to think outside the box and invent something better.  Inventing something better usually means modifying an existing design in a unique way.  However, sometimes it means developing an entirely new product starting with a blank page.  Every once in a while it means coming up with a new product that starts a whole new product category.  Whichever path is followed the end result and goal is that the consumer gets a product that has innovative features and benefits that performs at a new higher level.  If we do our job right, you will wonder why the product wasn’t made that way in the first place.

Developing innovative products isn’t the end of the process.  We designed our company to be quick, agile and efficient in all aspects.  This business model is the opposite of most large companies.  We have first-hand experience working with and directly for big companies and have seen how their structure can slow product development, stifle creativity and disconnect them from the customer.  When we have a good idea, it can progress quickly and efficiently through our product development system and many times be ready for market in a matter of months, not years.

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